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The Royal Abingdon Faire, My Opening Day Impressions. Goto Top

Well met to all,

Here are my impressions of the new Royal Abingdon Faire (aka RAF).

Please remember that this was the very first day of a faire that was basically brought together in less than 6 months by some very hard working people. From what I hear, they managed to find a site barely 6 weeks before the opening day, the cast had barely 4 weeks to rehearse, the primary structures of the site were started 2 weeks out and most of the vendors had barely a week, more like 2 days, to setup.

Note: If you read anything in this post as being a negative comment then you are reading it wrong! Please read it again, but in a positive light!

Rose and I went in with very low expectations, to keep from being disappointed. We knew that the faire had been put together in a very short time. There was also the rumour mill at work, spinning so many conflicting stories that it was impossible to see the true story of this new faire, which I still don't know.

"OK, get to the point already!", I can hear some of you telling me.

So, right to the heart of it... Go to this faire! At least once, and see it for yourself. It's worth the trip to Burlington!

To those that still have baggage from the old OntRF, please leave it at home, sure RAF has a lot of old faces, but this is not OntRF on a new site! Take this faire for what it is, a new faire that is just starting out and is taking its first few baby steps. It has its growing pains and it doesn't have the polish that OntRF did, but you have to remember that OntRF was in its 9th season and run by a company that has been in the business for 25+ years. I remember OntRF back when I first started going to it and it wasn't the greatest thing since sliced bread either, but I could see its potential, just as I can see the potential of RAF!

So, all that being said, here in no specific order, are my more detailed thoughts of this brand new event called the Royal Abingdon Faire:

There's a ton of other things that I could talk about, but that's the highlights that I think will mean the most to people both old and new.

Things that need work, which I'm sure will be worked on as the faire moves forward, but this is what I thought and/or heard from various other patrons:

Both Rose and I were very impressed overall by RAF and plan to visit it many more times this season. I also have some pictures of our first day at RAF ( Click Here )

If you have any specific questions or just want to share your experiences at RAF please drop me a line, I'm always willing to chat about faire, especially the new ones!


Stephen "The Forester" Johnson aka Thorin

Sterling Invasion 1999 : A Beast's Perspective Goto Top

A couple of things first off :

I can't remember names to save my life, I'd remember your face before I'd remember your name, so forgive me for only naming some of the people that my heat addled brain can dredge up...

I was so busy being hot and/or entertained, that I completely forgot to use my camera for the most part... Hell I brought 9 rolls of film, but only took something like 10-15 pixs... Next time I'll glue the damn thing to my hand so I can't forget to use it!!!

(You can see the images here!)

Ok... where to begin...

It's going to be a long post people...

So go get something to drink before you start this!!!

Thursday :

Friday :

Saturday :

Sunday :

The Battle of the 16th Century Goto Top

Well back to the rest of the faire day...

Monday :

My First 2 Faire Years (1997-1998) Goto Top

Well I've only been at it a short time but here goes :

1st Year : ( one weekend only )

2nd Year : ( Whole OntRF Season )