We Currently Offer Our Clients The Following Services

   1.  Consultation  -  Answering your questions about the internet and what it can do for you
   2.  Site Layout  -  Designing the look and feel for your site
   3.  Site Design  -  Creating your site
   4.  Site Tune-ups  -  Updating and upgrading your current site
   5.  Programming  -  Adding that Little Extra Something to your site
   6.  Site Maintenance  -  Keeping you site fresh and current!

Send us an e-mail, to get yourself on the Web today!

Consultation Goto Top

We can answer your questions in easy to understand plain language.

Questions like :

Regardless of your Internet savvy, The WyldeSide can help you make an informed decision about what you really need for your ideas to soar onto the web.

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Every site we create has a unique design, to fit your individual needs and personality.

That's why each site is customized and priced accordingly.

We don't want you to pay more than you need to!

We help you to decide what kind of tone you want to set, whether this is a corporate, fun or laid back feel.

We work with what you provide us, forming it into a creative site that tells the world what you're about and what you do.

Design Note :

On average you should change your site's look and feel at least once a year to keep it fresh and looking good.

A period of 3 to 6 months is optimum for keeping visitors coming back regularly.

Site Design Goto Top

We create sites that work.

What does this mean to you?

Site Tune-ups Goto Top

Is your site not up to your expectations?

Then let The WyldeSide give your site a boost, in one of the following ways :

Alternately, we can generate a detailed report for your own in-house design team to use.
( Great for the Do-it Yourselfer who just wants some professional help with their site )

Programming Goto Top

Need to add that Little Extra Something to your site?

The WyldeSide has experienced programmers that can add customized code to your site, including :

We are constantly adding to our programming skill set, if you need a specific language, give us a call.

Site Maintenance Goto Top

Do you hate when you go to a site and find out that it's been abandoned, leaving you with out of date information and broken links?

Then make sure that doesn't happen to your site!

Let The WyldeSide help you keep your site fresh and current by signing up for one of our Maintenance plans

( If we Design or Tune-up your site then you are eligable for our special Design and Maintenance plans! )

We currently offer these Maintenance periods :

We can maintain your site at any time, but when you sign up for one of our Maintenance plans you receive priority service and discounted rates!