Why Upgrade My Browser?

Note :

If you came here from one of the Find Out Why You're Seeing This Text links or Frames Disabled pages, first check to see that you have JavaScript enabled, as this can cause some browsers to display pages incorrectly, before you continue reading.

The WyldeSide uses many of the solid technologies that are present on the web today, such as :

Therefore to make the most of your visit we suggest that you may wish to upgrade your browser(s) to the latest version(s).

Here's some links to some of the more popular browsers :
( Listed alphabetically )

Be sure to stay in touch with updates to your favorite browser(s), upgrading when new versions become available.

Need More Reasons Why?

Revisions to the HTML language specification seem to take place almost semi-annually. This frequently forces perfectly good browsers into virtual obsolescence, as more and more web sites take advantage of new, enhanced methods of presenting information.

You should be certain you have the ability to view as much of the Web as is available to you.

If you are using an older version of a Browser to view the web, you may not be enjoying the best possible surfing experience.

Here's a list of benefits that upgrading gives you :