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New Bioware - By: Morninman

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FashionWare - Appearance And Cosmetic Cyberware.
Little hi-tech gadgets common to the CyberPunk future.
NeuralWare - Neural Cyberware.
Neural Processor, co-processors, interface plugs and links to enhance existing abilities.
Implants - Cyberware Placed In The Body.
BioWare - Biological Based Enhancements.
Body Weapons - Implanted Body Weapons.
CyberOptics - Replacement Eyes And Options.
CyberAudio - Replacement Ears And Options.
CyberArms - Replacement Arms And Options.
CyberLegs -
CyberLimb Options -
CyberHands -
CyberFeet -
CyberDigits -
CyberWeapons - Weapons Built Into Cyberlimbs.
Linear Frames - Implanted Exo-Skeleton For Strength.
Body Plating - Exo-Armour For Covering Body.
Retro Cyberware - Old-Style Retro Cyberware (Basic And Clunky).
Soviet Cyberware - Soviet Military Grade Cyberware (Bulky, But Shielded).

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